CTZ  management is about accelerating ideas into companies for life saving and improving life quality. The team combines medical knowledge and military experience, followed by worldwide business record.


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Roni Talic

Being the Co-owner and CEO of Nefromed Ltd in Romania after wide experience as Pharm Center Chain and Co-Op’s pharm CEO and Talic Pharm owner – Roni Talic holds a comprehensive perspective of medical and pharmaceutical commercial industry alongside track record in establishing, managing and growing businesses locally and internationally.  Roni holds a BSc. In Pharmacy and a Certificate in General Management Studies.

Erez Zelnik

After a 28 years career in the IAF as a combat pilot (Col. Rank) including 5 years in the IAF Headquarter, Erez brings to CTZ his managerial experience of people, budget and operation. Over a year as a general manager in Herzeliya Medical Centre exposed Erez to the commercial operational world of medical devices and medicine such as business and infrastructures development. Erez holds a bachelor degree in Psychology and communications studies.

Roni Cohen

An Industrial Engineer, been working for a decade in Delta Textile as a factory manager (350 employees). Established CRG in 1989 – A company representing Technology companies and sells electronic components, sold to AVANT in 2013 and continues activity. Currently, CRG represents Toshiba, Marvell and Nvidia, its sales to the local market are estimated around 45M USD, investing in Medical Start-ups and Real Estate.

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