E-Shunt launched an IN-VIVO study

E-Shunt launched an IN-VIVO studyunt has recently launched an in-vivo study by implanting E-shunts in rabbits (the dimensions were adjusted to fit rabbits’ eyes).

We have completed implantation of 6 shunts in 4 rabbits, 2 rabbits with implants in both eyes and two with one shunt and the other eye undergoing a sham procedure for control.

The implantation procedure was carried out following numerous ex -vivo experiments that served to refine our surgical protocol. Everything went smoothly with an evident improvement of surgical times throughout the day. E-Shunt team managed to perform the full procedure within less than 20 minutes. The rabbits are OK (so far) and are closely monitored. One rabbit (with only one shunt) is expected to be sacrificed 2 weeks post-implementation, and the rest will be sacrificed later, at 6 weeks post-implementation. All eyes- control and implanted- will be sectioned and stained for histology, H&E and Masson Tri-chrome – to determine the response to the implant.