CTZ model



I have a brilliant idea for a medical start-up, How do I get to you?

Most entrepreneurs hear about us from ear to mouth, through Mor research or just surf in our website. If you have an idea that you think could improve health and make world changes please CONTACT US, we will be delighted to hear about it more.


What are the stages of examining my idea?

We will invite you to present your idea, it will take about 2-3 months when we make our research and examine potential. Then we meet again, build a team and introduce a working plan. From there, the sky is the limit.


I live outside of Israel, can I still apply with my idea?

Yes you can. However, take into account all our facilities are here.


My startup is more of pharmaceutical industry, what shall I do then?

Since we are more focused on Medical Device, contact us and we will do out best to recommend you on other accelerators incubators.